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CAD A Digital Haven of Elegance

Welcome to, your digital haven for couture experiences. Conceived by Eva Shukry's children, this online platform is a seamless extension of her legacy, embracing adaptability in the face of change. "Swan Dresses" is not just a name; it's a commitment to timeless sophistication. Explore our curated collection and experience the same level of artistry and dedication that defines our physical space at Swan Wedding, now accessible from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to WWW.SWANDRESSES.COM, your destination for authentic designer dresses. Discover our Elegant Maxi, Classic Cocktail, Sophisticated Sheath, Glamorous Mermaid, Timeless A-Line, Romantic Lace, Off-the-Shoulder, and High-Low Dresses. Perfect for weddings, galas, proms, and special occasions. Elevate your style

Our Founder's Vision: Swan Wedding

Embark on a journey through the legacy of Swan Wedding, our brick-and-mortar sanctuary founded by the visionary Eva Shukry. Immerse yourself in the tale of bespoke dresses that capture cherished moments for family and friends. Eva's dedication and design prowess come to life in our physical storefront on Steeles Ave West, a beacon of elegance and a testament to the artistry that began this couture journey.

DigitalCouture: Innovation in Every Click

Step into the realm of innovation as
brings couture elegance to your fingertips. Our digital presence mirrors the craftsmanship of Swan Wedding, offering a curated collection that seamlessly transitions from day to night. As we navigate this digital journey together, our cherished clients and affiliates remain the driving force behind our success. Your support ensures that the legacy of Eva's vision thrives in the online space, crafting moments that transcend the boundaries of traditional and digital experiences.

Crafting Moments: Your Presence, Our Story

At, every click tells a story of sophistication, and every scroll unveils the artistry of couture at its finest. Whether you're exploring our virtual aisles for the perfect gown or becoming a part of our affiliate program, your presence adds a unique thread to our couture narrative. Join us as we weave tales of elegance, adaptability, and timeless style in the digital realm. Welcome to, where every interaction crafts moments that transcend the boundaries of online and offline experiences.